Cousins | Avalon 2017 | Lifestyle Family Photography

A glimpse into a weekend spent with family.  These kids love hard.  And I got to sit back and watch.

p.s.  If you would like to hire me to capture posed images, with everyone looking + smiling, I am not the photographer for you.  To be honest, I suck at that (as you can tell from this shoot).  But if you like blue tongues, sticky fingers, sand in your hair, tears, grass stains, mohawks, and lots of messy love...I am happy to help you document it.  If you would like the aforementioned, I do have some amazing referrals in my back pocket just for you and I am happy to share their wonderful talents. 

Bernard | Henry and Vera's New Baby Brother | 2017

I know many of you have heard me say this before, but there is something so sweet about capturing a baby in its infancy as they begin to fill out...the rolls and dimples that appear as quick as they disappear with age.  Such a sweet spot.  Details that I never want to forget.  Bernard was the perfect age and is adored by his siblings, Henry and Vera.  Just a reminder, don't forget the details when capturing your family...they might not seem important, but trust me, they will be distant memories until you look back on an image.