yearn | eva + jonas | 2007

A session from 2007.  The gallery appeared in my inbox as a reminder that the images still lived here online and not to forget they were there.  After hours of browsing the images from 2007, I cringed about a couple of things.  I think I gave my clients every image I ever took during our sessions instead of curating the very best ones.  I think I also uploaded them straight from the camera...without a thought of an edit of anything more than a b+w conversion.  What doesn't make me cringe is that these images, no matter how many there were, or how poorly they were edited, froze time, just this one day in their life.  Ten years later, we yearn for these days.  We have all grown.  And with that, I will be adding a new series called Yearn, featuring curated and re-edited images from the beginning days of my business.