Monday Musings | February 2016

a few items that are grabbing my attention this Monday...

Since I can't seem to keep that darn fiddle leaf fig tree alive, I will settle for one of these.

Getting lost in this newsletter for teen girls.  I know I don't have any girls, (except for my nieces and all my teen IG followers), but aren't we always a teen at heart. 



And this.  When you have a child who doesn't have a diagnosis of Autism specifically, but has a laundry list of other diagnosis' that look very similar.  It breaks your heart and keeps you up at night when... "... your child has no friends, oblivious to their social deficit and so aggressively social that people shy away unsure of how to interact." 

But I am grateful for my father, who has always reminded me, when talking about his oldest grandson,  "If he is not your best friend it's only because you have not met him yet."  So incredibly thankful for his wisdom.