Monday Musings | December 2016

a few links...enjoy.

We are need of extra bedding for guests and trying to use that as an excuse to buy one or two of these.

One of everything from this new store, please. 

My mother used to make homemade bread when we were growing up.  And at Christmas she would give it as a gift.  This recipe seems approachable.

Have you tried BEAUTYCOUNTER?  I am addicted to the Hydrating Facial Oil, thanks to my dear friend Heidi Evans who gifted me my first bottle on my birthday.  This old face has noticed a difference.

And I seem to be putting pomegranate in everything lately.  This looks good.

I wanted a modern take on our advent candles and loved the idea of vintage candlesticks.

I went to college with Lee.  One of the coolest, most down to earth girls...but now she is a mom...and her status has changed, according to her kids.  Here is her funny take on the very subject...follow along with for some good honest perspective.

Debating Christmas cards, but these are pretty cute.  And this makes me want to have a dinner party and decorate like this.

And this movie list, for our Sunday mornings or family gatherings over the holidays.

Finally, I have been busy photographing families, but I am usually hesitant to post images as I don't want to let the "cat out of the bag" in case they are planning on using any of them for their holiday cards, hence the lack of work on my blog...but then a family posted this of her favorites.  (I can't wait to blog all my work in the new year.)