A Corporate Session | Tribestrength | 2015

Last month I was hired to capture a new program run by one of my all time favorite people, Amy Reed, whose motivating message is that "strength training is empowering and useful, as well as enjoyable and 'fun' and you can 'start where you are'." 

Tribestrength says..."we’re young. we’re old. we’re women. we’re men. we’re former division I college athletes. we’re former couch potatoes. some of us are strong and some of us are working on it. what we have in common is a desire to be leaner, faster, stronger, and tougher than we are today." 

Intimidating as it may seem, coming from a former coach potato,  Amy Reed will empower and encourage the strength within yourself you never knew existed. 

A new 6-week Women's Strength Clinic session begins on 9/1.  It will run t/th from 10:15 - 11:30 through Thursday, 10/8.  $220.  The program takes place in Severna Park in little white building with a blue door.  There is no sign on the door, however inside is where all the magic begins.  Amy's approachable presence and smile will be there to greet you.

Questions?  Contact amy@tribestrength.com or visit, www.tribestrength.com to see about all the programs that are available to meet your needs. 

p.s.  The talented and fabulous Liz Thibodeau created this little slideshow.