A Round Bay Wedding | Jim + Jennifer | 2015

Six months ago, Jen and Jim were engaged.  Jen asked if I would photograph her wedding.  She promised it would be very informal and said, "I promise no staged nothings.  Just candids.  And your wonderfulness."  I kindly declined and sent her some recommendations as I do not photograph weddings. 

Fast forward a week before the wedding and I send her a text to be sure she has a photographer in place and I receive this response, "Oh you are so sweet to check--we didn't---couldn't get over our love for you;)".  What?  No photographer.  Seriously?  She knew me well and I showed up.   I had nothing to lose.  If the images didn't turn out, she wasn't going to have a photographer anyway.  It is no wonder she has a successful child psychology practice…she knew exactly what to say to make me feel comfortable shooting my first wedding solo.  Disclaimer:  Do not attempt to duplicate or recreate this tactic as I do not photograph weddings. :)  

The day was gorgeous after a week full of heavy rain.  The skies had cleared and the guests began to descend on Round Bay, each one playing a vital part in this special day.  It is hard to explain the feeling I got when I walked into the scene at Jennifer's home, but all I knew was there was excitement, joy and most of all love.  There was a laid back, "it will all come together", calm vibe that was refreshing.  The same vibe carried over where Jim and the groomsmen were getting ready.  Nine men sharing a toast and many memories of a lifetime together.  I couldn't help but get a little emotional knowing their time together has taking many twists and turns, but their bond was stronger than ever and they were here to celebrate a marriage of a good friend, just as they had for each other many times before.

The event did all come together.  Friends and neighbors offered homes for guests, flowers from their gardens for bouquets and centerpieces, and the neighborhood beach was prepped for a celebration.  Guests eagerly gathered to witness a marriage between two people that they cherished.  And I was honored to capture a glimpse of this day.  Thank you Jennifer + Jim.  xo