Conversations with Charlie | Personal | 2016

"R.O.T.C.  Right Off The Couch".

What R.O.T.C. stands for according to Charlie when we were talking about a path you should take to become a Navy Seal.


"This toilet paper is worse than the school toilet paper."

Charlie's observation after I bought toilet paper on sale.


Charlie:  "Oh today we have lunch after 5th period.  I hate having lunch after 5th period."

Mike:  "Is that the biggest thing you have to worry about?"

Charlie:  "Yeah, that…and The Purge".


Me:  "Your eyebrows look on fleek today" (knowing I am saying it wrong and that there really is a word for that...however you say/spell it!).

Charlie:  "No they aren't, they are thicker than my 1 1/2 inch binder".

Eyebrows have been a topic ever since his school picture last year.


Jack:  "Sam is like the chick magnet.  He needs to share some of his powers with me and Charlie."

Charlie:  "What are you talking about?  I am like 600 bolts.  You are like a dead battery."

Charlie and Jack on dating.


"Peyton Manning is so old, he probably needs Life Alert when gets tackled."

Charlie (Carolina fan) on Peyton Manning being the oldest QB in NFL History to win the Super Bowl.