Throwback Thursday | The Melendez Family 2005

Over a year ago, I updated my blog from Wordpress to Squarespace.  In the process of transferring all of my work, I somehow ended up losing all of my blog entries since 2007.  Since 2007.  Ugh.  So. Hard. To. Say.  Carefully curated moments in time, both in words and images.   Gone.

Although my posts were far and few between, it was a running record of my personal life as well as my professional work.  I still have hope that the content still lives somewhere out in the ginormous world wide web and someone will be able to find it for me, but in the meantime I am grateful for the theme of #tbt, otherwise known as Throwback Thursday.   You see, with this theme, I can bring back some of my favorite shoots from the past.  They may not be my original blog posts, but at least I still have photographs stored in safe places to retrieve.  Moments in time. Captured.  And now valued even more knowing how easily things can be lost.

To start this series, I chose the Melendez family.  They were one of the first families who hired me after moving to Maryland and I loved their free spirit…four kids, kind, energetic and happy, with awesome parents.  I remember thinking I hoped to be just like their mom.  She was so relaxed, attentive and fun.  

The day of the shoot was the hottest day of the summer and it was back when "people piles" were my favorite pose.  I am sure those kids loved me when I told them to place their sweaty hot bodies on top of each other for a picture, and as polite as ever, they obliged.  Since then, my candid style has remained the same, however people piles are no longer in my bag of tricks.  

The session ended with a hose and kiddie pool.  Fun.  Energetic.  Happy.  Meet the Melendez family, sometime in the summer of 2005.

I hope to continue this series throughout the year…maybe you will see a familiar face here and there…a distant memory brought back to light...I hope you can follow along.  And remember, print and backup your moments.