In 2012, I found Instagram to be a new home for my One Day, One Photo, One Year blog posts and have never looked back.  Each year I posted to my blog, I printed a coffee style book to have a tangible product that my family could look back on.  My boys love to sit and see thier history unfold for those three years.  I am so grateful I documented it as I have been terrible about documenting anything else, to include their baby books.

When I moved over to Instagram, I was worried I would not have the same luxury of a printed product.  But that is when the folks over at Chatbooks quelched all my fears.  "Beautiful photo books, Easy, Automatic" was all I needed to hear.  The app prints a book for you after 60 Instagram entries and sends a beautiful 6x6 soft cover book right to your home.  They keep track of it all.  I do nothing except post, and pay a $6 fee for each book.  Yep.  $6.  Oh, and shipping is free.  Crazy.

The app is available over at the App Store.

Thank you Chatbooks.