a family session | The Bailey Family 2014


"that mom" is a series of inspirational women who

share their thoughts on motherhood, style and grace.

by lee kriel


Meet the Bailey family.  A beautiful family both inside and out.  "Mrs. Bailey" used to be my boys teacher in elementary school.  We swore bluebirds flew out of her mouth when she spoke.  Needless to say my boys were like putty in her hands…and still are.  

Emily is a wonderful mother and I asked her if she would be willing to participate in my "That Mom" series which focuses on the mom that you aspire to be…you know the one!  She is truly so dedicated to her family and it was inspiring to spend a little time with them this month.  Enjoy getting to know her...


List a few of your favorite things to do….

Shopping, running, cooking and eating, drinking coffee and wine, decorating our home, chit-chatting, and doing anything, and everything, as a whole family.

What is your most humbling moment as a mother….

At this point, it is the moment that each of my children was born.  Everything else in the world did not matter at all and I knew I would never be the same now that they were with us.

 Who influenced you as a mother?

My own mother’s willingness to always put her four daughters before herself has greatly shaped me as a mother.  However, I am completely surrounded by so many incredible moms. The women who influence me the most, and for whom I have endless admiration, are the mothers who spend their day keeping their family together, safe, healthy, active, happy, fed, excited, prepared, etc.  They don’t care if anyone is giving them credit and they don’t expect anything in return.  They do it because their love is unconditional and they would not have it any other way. 

You are always so generous to the neighborhood children, who inspired you…..

I had a sweet, sweet neighbor across the street growing up who treated my sisters and I like her own grandchildren.  She would keep her cabinets stocked with candy to share, invite us to help in her garden, and make us feel so special.  When my mom became a grandmother, we named her Mimi after this lovely friend. But in our neighborhood, everyone is so kind and caring to one another, especially to the children running around our yards, driveways, and houses that it is definitely contagious.

Best advice you have been given as a mom…

Don’t worry about trying to make everything perfect. It’s so much more important to stop and enjoy what is going at any given moment, because time goes way too fast.


What is your favorite part of the day…

I have lots of favorites.  But right now, sometimes it works out that Vera wakes up, I have my special morning time with her, and she goes back down for her first nap before Henry is even awake.  Then I get him all to myself while Vera is asleep.  I feel so lucky to be able to start our days slowly.

How do you create balance between motherhood and career?

Teaching part-time creates a wonderful balance for me. After Henry was born this was the deal Mike and I came up with, and it works for us!  Summers off are a necessity, and always will be. And although during the school year it is hard for me to leave, even for a few hours of the day, it makes me appreciate my time at home that much more.

A few things that keep you sane….

Running, wine, and friends.

What is your beauty routine…

Hmm, I guess it’s more of a strategy – Do the best you can with the 10 minutes you have to try to look nice before leaving the house.

Something you wish you could do better as a mom…

I wish I could be more spontaneous. I am such a planner, but wish I could more easily put my to-do list aside and not worry about what isn’t getting checked off that day. 

What do you like to do when you have a night out on the town?

This almost never happens, which is pretty much ok with me at this point in my life.  But when we do, I love first heading to a wine bar and then off to try somewhere new and delicious for dinner.  Oh and we love, love live music.

Hardest part of being a mom?

Feeling like I cannot give each of my children every ounce of my attention. Henry does a very good job now that he has to share us with Vera, but whenever he gets upset, it is almost always a result of us needing to give his sister more attention at that moment.  That is hard for me. 

What is your exercise routine…

I love to run.  I would run everyday if I could.  For now, sometimes I only get one good, long run on the weekends, but I’ll take what I can get.  Running feels peaceful and productive at the same time.  Two birds, one stone.

 What do you hope your children will learn about life….

To always be kind and considerate of others.  That a positive attitude goes a long way. To treat each day like a gift that they should enjoy to the fullest.

What is your proudest moment as a mom…

When Henry tells me he loves and that I’m his best friend, when Vera kicks her arms and legs, grinning from ear to ear when she sees me, and when I overhear Mike telling people what a good mom he thinks I am.  Mike and I also feel so happy when we see Henry being playful, silly, and comfortable with other kids and adults.  It makes us feel like we are doing something right.

Share a favorite recipe…  

I live off of my sister’s granola recipe-

Add ½ C Olive oil

T Salt


½ jar Honey (about 1 ½ C)


Add 3 C Rolled oats

4 C Mixed nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds)

1 C coconut

MixFlatten on medium sized baking sheet lined with parchment paper

Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes

MIX and flatten again

Bake for another 20 minutes

Let cool for 2 hours before breaking apart

p.s.  On my next shoot with the Bailey's, I am spending more time on the interiors of their home…a home so tastefully built (by Mike) and decorated so thoughtfully (by Emily)!  Stay tuned!