larriland | 2014


our annual trip to larriland.  a fond summer tradition.   an event that always makes the summer bucket list.  

as a parent, when you do something each year, you actually see how much your children are developing and the independence they are acquiring.  the days of carrying one on your hip, while helping another, with a box of fresh picked berries so that it doesn't spill, are long gone.  they run to the fields and get lost in the maze of fruit.  only giggles are heard above the rows of plantings as they eat, toss and collect their fruitful earnings.  

each year, i follow along with my camera to document the outing.  it gets harder and harder as they are more aware of the camera.  i try to be more strategic with a bigger lens so that i don't invade their preteen/teenage space.   but i did have them pose at the top of the hill to get one group shot.  then i tried one of my photographer tricks and asked them to run down the hill.  without missing a beat, all of them, began their exaggerated runs.  this is what children of a photographer looks like.  mocking me along the way.  awesome.